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Is Mobile Different?

Is Mobile Different?

The evolution of mobile platforms and content:   As mobile usage and content explodes, and wireless devices proliferate into every aspect of our lives, how is mobile different from the wired internet?  This panel will explore the differing business models and legal issues, including FCC and regulatory, privacy and consumer protection and contracting issues.

Panelists:  Daniel Waggoner, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (Moderator); Sue Glueck, Academic Relations Director, Microsoft Corp.; Mark Kahn, Associate General Counsel, Evernote; Gerard Waldron, Partner, Covington & Burling LLP


Digital Media in the Age of NSA Surveillance

Digital Media in the Age of NSA Surveillance

This panel will cover the implications of US spying and data-collection on American digital media domestically and around the world, and explore how digital companies should respond in the wake of government demands for user information.  Should digital companies be standing up for their users’ privacy and be more transparent about government intrusions – and practically speaking – can they in the current legal environment? Among other things, the panel will be walked through a hypothetical government investigation to underscore the limited options in-house counsel may face in the wake of a national security-based inquiry.

Panelists:  Peter Canfield, Partner, Jones Day (Moderator);  Stewart A. Baker, Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP; Susan Freiwald, Professor of Law, University of San Francisco School of Law; Nate Jones, Attorney, Microsoft Corp.; Marc J. Zwillinger, Foundier, Zwillgen PLLC


Scraping Content: the CFAA, DMCA, and Terms of Use

Scraping Content: the CFAA, DMCA, and Terms of Use

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act—created in response to fears of cybercriminal attacks—has morphed into a potential tool for policing third-party scraping and access to websites. How and why are content hosting websites, such as LinkedIn, craigslist, and Facebook using the CFAA to police third-party uses of their and their users’ content? What are the risks for entities using third-party sites, such as data scrapers? What are the key issues, limits, and unresolved questions for CFAA enforcement, and how does the CFAA interact with other “access”-based statutes?

Panelists: Benjamin Glatstein, Senior Attorney, Microsoft Corp. (Moderator); Jonathan Blavin, Partner, Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP; Neel Chatterjee, Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP; Hanni Fakhoury, Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Aaron Schur, Senior Director of Litigation, Yelp Inc.