The New Networks: Tech Journalists on Content Management in an Over-the-Top World

Content bundles are fraying as one content producer after another announces that it is going “over the top” – streaming content that is accessible online without the need for a traditional cable television subscription. Format distinctions driven by traditional commercial models are breaking down as network shows rub shoulders with feature films, original programming from the likes of Netflix and Amazon, and YouTube videos. Smart TVs offer menus of on-demand services reminiscent of channel listings, while mobile remains an entirely different game.

How will audiences manage this new world of content? Will “new networks” emerge to draw these strands back together, or will viewers need to adapt to an open environment with diverse sources? A panel of tech journalists with an eye on the future will discuss what’s coming next.

Panelists: Ned Desmond, Chief Operating Officer, TechCrunch (Moderator); Michael Gorman, Editor in Chief, Engadget; Bob O’Donnell, Founder and Chief Analyst, TECHnalysis Research; Martin Peers, Senior Editor, the Information


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